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Petzl GriGri Belay Device

GriGri Belay Device

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The OG, the classic, the inimitable...

The GriGri doesn't need an introduction, now does it? From gym climbing to trad, sport climbing to rope soling, this cam-assisted blocking belay device is the gold standard in the industry. Heck, half the gyms in Colorado demand you use an assisted braker...sorry, tubular belay devices - we still love you.

An ergonomic handle serves up a smooth and safe lowering experience for both climber and belayer, while feeding rope doesn't get any smoother. Its durable, its versatile, and its a necessity in a lot of gyms. You just can't go wrong with a GriGri.


  • Feeding slack and catching falls are done using standard belay techniques; always keep a hand on the brake-side of the rope
  • Assisted braking function is activated when a climber falls, the device pivots, the rope tightens and the cam pinches and blocks the rope 
  • Holding the brake side of the rope helps engage the cam, therefore it is important to always hold the brake side of the rope
  • Compatible with dynamic single ropes 8.5 to 11 mm, optimized for 8.9 to 10.5 mm
  • Rope installation diagram engraved on both the interior and exterior of the device
  • Exceptional comfort during descents because ergonomic handle allows you to easily lower someone
  • Smooth descent control thanks to the progressive action of the cam
  • Simple to use for belaying both lead or top-rope climbers
  • Compact and durable
  • Weighs in at 175 g / 6.17 oz


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