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Mad Rock Drone 2.0 LV Climbing Shoe

Drone 2.0 LV Climbing Shoe

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Note to the Old Guard: The war is over!

With the recent introduction of incredibly high-performing climbing shoes that don't destroy your feet - and actually feel pretty good, relatively speaking - the days of cramming your feet into performance shoes and sacrificing toenails for sends is officially over.

Mad Rock's exceptional unisex Drone series might have signaled the death knell for all that suffering. Redesigned from the ground up, with a focus on stretchy materials and available in both HV (high-volume) and LV (low-volume) models, these shoes boast top-notch performance with outstanding comfort.

The LV model accommodates a slightly lower-volume foot, with a breathable, comfy, and stretchy tongue to lock down a snug but comfy fit. Meanwhile, a full midsole serves as a conduit from a 3D expandable heel all the way to the toe, delivering power exactly where you need it. Speaking of the toe, the new 2.0 now features a compression-molded toe box Super sticky rubber envelopes just about the entire shoe, allowing for reliable scumming, toe and heel hooking, and confidence on the steeps.


  • Delivers elite bouldering and sport performance while remaining remarkably - kinda unbelievably - comfortable
  • LV (low-volume) model serves up a narrower toe box and heel cup, with an overall lower profile
  • Downturned and asymmetrical profile delivers precision and power, especially past vertical
  • Compression-molded and low-profile toe box which boasts a point right on the big toe
  • Breathable, silky-feeling, and super-stretchy tongue serves up an excellent fit beneath the cranked-down velcro strap
  • 3D expandable molded heel allows a versatile fit for lower volume-to-normal heels
  • Arch Flex tech supports your instep for a better fit and more power
  • Science Friction 3.0 rubber will stick to glass (it won't, but you get the idea)
  • Vegan-friendly construction
 Last  Aggressive with a very asymmetrical toe
 Stiffness  Medium
 Closure  Hook-and-loop Velcro
 Upper  Syn Flex
 Midsole  1.8mm polycarbonate 
 Outsole  Science Friction 3.0 / Science Friction R2 heel rand


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