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MSR Beta Snow Science Saw

Beta Snow Science Saw

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The Beta Snow Science Saw cuts through wood, bone, and snow with ease, depending on your needs. Its stainless steel blade is laser-etched with snow science detailing, offering everything you need to analyze conditions - all at a mere 7 oz. Don't skip the avalanche classes, but this tool will get you closer to the preparation the backcountry demands.

Its slim blade is designed to slip easily into the kits of patrollers, guides, and serious recreationalists, and combines an aggressive tooth design with exceptional durability for withstanding the rigors of professional use. Comes in a welded gear-protecting sheath.


  • Aggressive snow and off-set wood-cutting teeth tear through any task
  • Voids between teeth keep cutting path clear
  • Laser-etched 1mm and 3mm crystal grids
  • 30cm indicator for instantly identifying ideal snow column width
  • Flat blade slips easily into backpack sleeves or pockets, even those reserved for probes
  • Comes in a welded gear-protecting sheath
  • Made of hardened stainless steel, providing superior strength and stiffness


 Length  Total - 18.5 in / 47 cm
 Weight  7 oz / .18 kg



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