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Atomic Backland 88 Alpine Touring Skis

Backland 88 Alpine Touring Skis

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Atomic's all-terrain Backland 88 is shaping the future of the sport while realizing the limits of the planet.

The result of a scientific life cycle assessment, the lower-impact design reduces overall production waste and cuts CO2 equivalent emissions by 30% (compared with the Backland 85, 2021). Incorporating more lower-carbon raw materials and waste-reducing sidewalls, this construction significantly reduces environmental impact while optimizing the ski’s versatility on every type of touring terrain.

All-Terrain Profile uses more poplar wood, less fiberglass, and less resin to create a ski shape that offers greater stability. HRZN 3D features a uniquely beveled tip that adds float in powder and seamlessly integrates into the Dura Cap sidewall for a hyper-responsive tip-to-sidewall-to-edge connection.

A versatile ski built for those skiers who enjoy touring the entire mountain, the Backland 88 delivers soulful performance in any terrain. 



  • Versatile all-terrain touring ski made with reduced environmental impact without sacrificing performance.
  • Lightweight HRZN 3D tip uses a thin, perforated material for better float in deep snow.
  • More wood and less fiberglass create a ski shape offering greater versatility in any terrain. 
  • Poplar wood core optimizes weight without sacrificing stability or shock absorption.
  • Fiberglass layers create a ski that is smooth and stable while remaining lightweight and dynamic
  • Duracap sidewall from base to top sheet for great edge grip, with a rounded shape for increased durability.
  • A glossy top sheet gives your ski a polished, glassy finish for a super-sleek high-end look.
  • All Mountain Rocker 15/85/0 ski profile for on or off piste. Early rise in the tip for total versatility.
  • A side edge angle of 87° for more intuitive handling, easier skiing and better grip
  • A 1.0° base edge angle for easy turning, excellent edge grip and aggressive tracking
 Length (cm)  162  169  176  183
 Tip Width (mm)  120  122  124  125
 Waist Width (mm)  89  89.5  90  90.5
 Tail Width (mm)  108.5  110.5  112  113.5
 Turning Radius (m)  15.4  16.4  17.4  18.4
 Weight per single piece (g/lbs)  --  --  1300 / 2.9  --


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