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DMM Peenuts Anodized Nuts

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Sometimes placements are tricky. Different crags throw up shallow cracks, off-width cracks, and old peg scars, all of which are hard to protect with conventional nuts. Peenuts offer an excellent alternative to standard chocks. 

Peenuts have the same asymmetrical taper as Alloy Offsets, allowing them to protect flared and irregular shaped cracks more effectively than symmetrical nuts. Their large surface area helps dissipate forces, making them suitable for protecting fragile rock.

  • Micro protection lets you protect cracks which normal sized pieces would not fit
  • Asymmetrical taper gives stable placement in offset cracks
  • These nuts have large surface areas that spread forces in a fall across a greater area, increasing placement security in fragile rock
  • Unlike active protection such as cams, passive protection can be used in wet or icy cracks, where friction is reduced
  • Hot forged to maximize strength and weight
  • Color coded in a size-for-size way with wallnuts (i.e. Silver size 3 Wallnut = Silver size 5 Peenut)
  • Label is positioned upside down so you can confirm the size more easily when the units are hanging on your harness


 Size  Weight  Range  Strength  Color
 1  9.4 g  6.5-11.5 mm  4 kN  Red
 2  9.4 g  6.8-12.1 mm  5 kN  Grey
 3  10.1 g  7.8-12.7 mm  5 kN  Purple
 4  16 g  8.9-13.2 mm  8 kN  Green
 5  18 g  9.3-13.9 mm  8 kN  Silver