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Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe

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This shoe is comfortable yet offers incredible precision and response —  making rock climbing feel easier and more intuitive. Designed for extreme climbing, from bouldering on tiny edges and friction-slopers to long endurance pitches on overhanging walls.

  • Maximum Range in Response and Balance system, newly developed by Spain-based Tenaya, provides a shoe with an overall dynamic response and good balance
  • SXRDynamics — a moving tightening system that incorporates the sole and structure of the shoe
  • Also with Draxtor — a fast and precise lacing system
  • Powerful heel with heel-hooking capabilities


 Sole  Vibram XS Grip 3.5 mm
 Insole  2D multi-layer strech tex
 Midsole  Dble GI 1.8 y TST 150
 Materials  Microfiber
 Closure  Velcro, Draxtor
 Tongue  Lycra w/ 2 perforated layers
 Lining  Treated cotton
 Weight  340 g