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Rottefella NTN Freedom Telemark Binding

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Leaving duckbills behind, NTN split from the herd to redefine free heel technology. Easier, smoother and stronger, the binding’s construction and performance are unlike anything you’ve ever skied.

The NTN binding's low weight, low-resistance walking mode and wide opening angle all combine to make the joy of climbing to the top or letting it all out in virgin terrain even greater. It has progressive resistance — perfect for those who ski in loose snow or mixed-snow conditions. You gotta try it!

  • 60 degree opening angle gets you in lickety-split, eliminates Frankenstein walk
  • Sideways release means no bending over to adjust cables
  • Heel lifter in two heights: 35 mm and 65 mm
  • Depending on your weight, boot size, ability and skiing style, you can choose from different PowerBoxes, which serve the traditional role of springs
  • Freedoms in size Small or Large come with 110 mm brakes to fit today's hard-charging ski widths
  • Brakes for 125-mm skis are sold separately


Size S L
Boot Size

Weight 1500 g 1500 g
Height 25 mm 25 mm
Point of Rotation
(from boot front)
22 mm 22 mm