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CAMP-USA Nano 22 Carabiner

In stock

The Camp Nano 22 carabiner has a strong open-gate strength, a deep basket for holding the rope in its proper position, and a refined gate for smooth, easy clipping.


At 22 grams, this is a fully functional biner with an inner working space large enough to use a clove hitch with ropes of any diameter, a gate opening wide enough for easy clipping on the sharp end, and a profiled nose that slips in and out of tight chain links. Bottom line: Lighter, faster, bigger.


Main photo is Grey.

  • Light and compact
  • Designed for fluid use with ropes of all diameters
  • Significantly reduces weight and bulk on any rack


 Major Axis Strength  21 kN
 Minor Axis Strength  8 kN
 Open Gate Strength  9 kN
 Weight  22 g / 0.8 oz
 Gate Opening  21 mm