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MSR MicroRocket Stove (Closeout)

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Reduce your load with the MSR MicroRocket stove. So small it fits easily inside an MSR Insulated Mug, weighs a mere 2.6 ounces, and stays stable during cooking. And small does not mean inefficient! This stove offers great power so you can cook and boil in no time flat.

  • Robust pot supports offer excellent stability
  • Glove-friendly control allow precise flame adjustment
  • Folding legs pack exceptionally small
  • WindClip wind protection and focused burner pushes a persistent, solid flame
  • Boils 1 liter of water in 3.5 minutes
  • Protected element in fuel gathering tube offers reliable ignition
  • Includes hard-shell carry case and piezo igniter


 Stove Type  Canister
 Minimum Weight  2.6 oz / 73 g
 Packed Weight  4.2 oz / 119 g
 Auto Igntion  No 
 Simmer Ability  Yes
 Burn time on high
 (227 g / 8 oz fuel canister)
 60 min
 Water Boiled/1 oz fuel  2L