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Bluewater Ropes Lightning Pro 9.7mm x 60M Bicolor Double Dry Rope

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The Bluewater Lightning Pro climbing rope is ideal for sport or extreme alpine climbing, with easy handling and easy-to-clip properties. Its low bulk, light weight, super high fall rating, and lower impact force have made this rope the choice for many high-end endeavors, from sport climbing to wall-in-a-day missions to alpine routes.

Double-Dry treatment, which is applied to each individual fiber in the sheath and core, allows just 11% water absorption compared to the standard 20-30%, so that your rope remains light and flexible under adverse conditions. Bluewater's outstanding Double-Dry treatment also increases rope longevity.

  • Ideal rope for everything from sport climbing to big wall blitzes to alpine routes
  • Very low impact fore and high fall rating for a sub-10mm rope
  • Low bulk, lightweight, and supple handling
  • Double Dry treats both the sheath and the core with water resistance
  • Double Dry treatment extends the life of the rope
  • Bicolor patterning allows you to always know where the middle mark is 
 Diameter  9.7
 Type  Single
 No. UIAA Falls  8
 Impact Force  7.8 kN
 Dynamic Elongation  32.2%
 Static Elongation  8.9%
 Sheath Slippage  1 mm
 Center Mark  Bi-pattern
 Dry Coating  Sheath + core
 Weight  61 g/M
 Length  70 meters