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Black Diamond Ion Headlamp

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Everything else in your life works by touch-swipe, why not your headlamp? The Ion by BD is designed to put out some serious light but weigh next-to nothing. You get 80 lumens in just 48 grams — perfect for just-in-case lighting on days when weight really matters. Switch from full power to dimmed, strobe or red night vision lighting at the swipe of a finger.

* Main product photo is Fire Red.

  • One DoublePower LED and one SinglePower red LED shine up to 80 lumens on max setting
  • Modern touch-control housing runs on two AAA lithium, standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries (comes with lithiums for cold-weather performance)
  • Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision and lock mode
  • IPX 8 rating


LED Type 1 DoublePower LED
1 SinglePower red LED
Lumens 80
Max Distance 38 m / 125 ft
Max Burn Time 200H
Batteries 2AAA (included)
Weight (w/ batteries) 48 g / 1.7 oz
IPX Rating 8