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Wild Country Helium II Carabiner - 5-Pack

$44.95 $59.95
In stock

The Wild Country Helium Carabiner is one of the definitive trad climbing carabiners, and this latest version has been updated to reduce weight, improve clipping, and increase strength. The slimmer wiregate is easier to clip with, and the 'clean-lock' nose wiregate offers the smooth clipping of a wiregate with the anti-snag of a keylock nose. The hot-forged I-beam construction removes unnecessary material, achieving a lighter weight without impacting strength. Get more bang for your buck by snagging one of these 5-Pack closeouts!


Major Axis Strength 24 kN
Minor Axis Strength 10 kN
Open Gate Strength 7 kN
Gate Opening 27 mm
Weight 33 g
  • A pack of five Helium Carabiners
  • Clean-wire no-hook gate
  • Superlight I-beam back
  • Hot forged