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DMM Classic Rope Bag

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This fold away rope bag is big enough to carry an 80-meter rope, plus your rock shoes and quickdraws. It has a large tarp with four color coded tie-in loops, so you’ll know which end to feed out first. It has a heavy duty zip closure, compression straps and detachable padded rucsac straps — all of which makes for a very compact and easy-to-handle bag.

Rope bags tend to get a lot of abuse, dragged about at the base of the crag, stood on, sat on, you name it, they get it. This bag is made to be really tough, with Ballistic Cordura.


* Main product photo is Black.

  • Large capacity rope bag that fits up to an 80-meter rope
  • Fold away tarp with color-coded tie-in loops
  • Zip closure and compression straps
  • Detachable rucsac straps
  • Tough construction with Ballistic Cordura
  • Extra carry handle on top