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CAMP-USA Cassin X-All Mountain Ice Tool

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If you loved the Camp Awax, rejoice. Here it is again, yet better. Camp worked for three years to bring back this popular ice tool — popular for its ability to generate solid sticks from a single soft swing. A marvel for the time, since it was the lightest tool on the market.

This new version creates those great sticks, plus it has a system of interchangeable grip and head components. This tool can handle everything your winter mountain throws your way. For ice climbers experiencing pick bounce, ice bashing and shoulder fatigue common with "mixed tools," take a swing with the X-All Mountain Tool. It is likely to generate a cult-like following.



  • Optimized pick angle and tooth configuration climbs all angles of ice and rock
  • Interchangeable head components make switching between an adze and hammer or replacing picks simple and affordable
  • Interchangeable grips come in three varieties for leashless, leashed and alpine or snow climbing
  • All head components bolt onto the shaft with one screw
  • Dual-density molded heads dampen vibrations and insulate
  • Spike is large enough to grip on low-angle glacier ice and has a hole large enough to clip a carabiner for use with lanyards
  • A combination of the best elements from the Cassin X-Dry, X-Ice and X-Alp tools: Aggressive shaft curve, hammer head, double-pommel grip, large spike


Size 50 cm
Pick B
Shaft T
Leash No
Weight 628 g / 1 lb 6.2 oz