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CAMP-USA Cassin Piu 2 Belay Kit

In stock

The Camp Cassin Più 2.0 belay kit comes with a belay device and HMS compact locking carabiner. Using a variable notched design with smooth teeth on the brake side of the device and narrower slots for the rope, the Piu 2.0 locks on with more friction than tube-style devices. You can set it up in auto-block mode for belaying two seconds and its large rigging hole lets your locking carabiner rotate all the way through.


The HMS Compact Lock carabiner has a screwlock closure and a curved spine for good clearance, as well as a large opening and keylock nose for easy clipping.


Main photo is Light Blue.

  • Rigging hole captures the nose of a keylock carabiner — specifically designed for use with the HMS Nitro and HMS Compact Lock carabiners — which is used as a lever for releasing tension if a second locks the device in auto-block mode
  • Diagonal cable prevents the rope from rubbing and jamming
  • Weighs 230 g / 8.1 oz