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Topo Athletic Trail Running Shoe Demo & Workshop

Topo Athletic Trail Running Shoe Demo & Workshop

Road runners, trail runners, couch potatoes, and friends of all stripes, you are cordially invited to join us on Thursday, April 13th for an evening run, Trail Running 101 Workshop, and Q&A session with Topo Athletic and their Elite Athlete runner, Anthony Lee! We’ll kick off the Topo trail shoe demo at 6pm and then meet back in the shop at 8pm for the workshop and conversation with Anthony.

Anthony, based out of Boulder, began crunching single track in 2013, a path that eventually led him to his first 50k – which he won! Since those early days of finding his way on the trails he’s completed over 40 ultras and 14 100-milers, nabbing the top of the podium at the ’21 Ouray 100 and ’17 High Lonesome 100. Anthony will usher us through the basics of trail running, the transition from road to trail, and introduce us to the gnarly/inspiring/wild world of ultrarunning. As a former competitive track and cross-country athlete, current world-class ultra- and mountain-runner, and UESCA-certified ultrarunning coach, he’ll kick open the gates on the galaxy of stunning trails spider-webbing the Front Range and beyond.

Meet us at the shop a bit before 6pm and we’ll get you kitted up in a pair of Topo’s award-winning trail runners. Then we’ll lace ‘em up and hit the South Platte for a run with Anthony, at whatever pace you’re comfy with. After putting in a bit of sweat equity we’ll head back to the shop around 7pm for drinks, snacks, and a Trail Running 101 workshop and Q&A with Anthony.

Trail running, a driving passion for a number of us in the shop, is one of those rare backcountry pursuits that neither requires a ridiculous financial investment nor years of dedicated practice to enjoy. A good pair of kicks, a couple pairs of socks, and an unspooling thread of trail is all you’ll need to discover an activity that has changed the lives of so many runners. We’re here to throttle the gatekeepers and kick down the barriers to a sport/lifestyle with the power to not only drastically improve your physical health, but also your state of mind and emotional well-being. We’re psyched and humbled to have Anthony join us. But we’re just over-the-moon bananas to have y’all with us for an evening of running, conversation, and good times!