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Bishop Bindings Bishop 2.0 Telemark Binding

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Engineered and made in Edwards, Colo., these telemark bindings are built to help you stick landings, rip groomers, slash deep pow and hit the park. All with a big ol'face grin.

As skis get wider and bigger, it becomes more important to have the control that only a burly plate binding like the Bishop can deliver. With no wimpy plastic parts, the Bishop uses high-grade aluminum and stainless steel so they are durable and strong. There are no welds or rivets to crack. All the moving joints use top-of-the-line composite bearings from Germany.

And they ski great. You can customize the feel by adjusting the position of the main pivot. By doing this, you change the timing and amount of force applied to the front of your skis with your rear foot. You can go from a very neutral feel (forward position) to a very active feel (rear position) with one simple adjustment.

The Bishop's toe bail offers big benefits over the traditional fixed toe box design of almost every other tele binding out there. The toe bail does not rely on the traditional pinch or squeeze method required to hold a boot. So there's no performance inconsistency with a  toe bail since the boot won't wear down. Toe bails also make for easy entry and exit.

Purchase a Bishop 2nd Ski Kit to easily swap the binding between skis. All it takes is a hex key. The sub-plate mount also allows multiple mounting positions — move the binding 1cm forward or back from the original mounting spot with a 5mm hex key.

  • Wide boot range means one size fits US Men’s 5 to 13 (Mondo 23 to 31)
  • Total height from top of ski to top of binding (where boot rests) – 35 mm
  • All fasteners are 5mm hex sockets
  • Climbing bail gives you 15°of hill climbing rise
  • Bottle opener in heel clip works on import, domestic, and craft beverages
  • Mounting hardware, template, manual and two 5mm hex keys included


 Weight Per Pair  4 lb
 Riser Height  35 mm
 Climbing Wires  1 each at 15°
 Leashes  Not included