Consignment Policy

The Wilderness Exchange Unlimited serves as Denver's premier consignment venue for our customers to sell or trade-in outdoor gear they no longer need or want. We offer store credit or consignment terms for quality used outdoor equipment. We encourage you to check this page frequently, as we regularly update the list of items that we are looking for, as well as indicate which items and categories we are no longer accepting. 
Please note, the buying and selling of used gear is limited to in-store only! 

Buying Policy: 
Gear must be high quality, operable, and in good repair. Repaired items that still have life left in them are also consignment worthy. Items with rips, tears, holes or stains are not eligible to consign or trade. A good way to get a feel of what we take in for consignment is to make a trip to the shop and check out the store.  We prefer brands typically sold in our store, as well as other popular brands that are favored by outdoor enthusiasts, but are not opposed to taking in brands we have never seen. All gear, regardless of brand must be of an outdoor technical nature and must be able to withstand the elements. 100% cotton clothing or name brand clothing such as GAP, Banana Republic, Mosimo, etc. are not consigned at Wilderness Exchange.  
We consider condition, desirability, our inventory position, and current retail price when determining the value of an item. Typically we suggest pricing an item at half its retail value. We will make an appraisal of current market value, and give you an honest and open assessment of what we think the value of the item is. 

Store Credit: 
Store credit is offered for around half of current market value and has a lower appraisal than if the item were consigned. However, if you are looking to upgrade your kit, store credit may be a better option since it can be used on the spot. The full amount of store credit must be used at the time it is given for an item, (i.e. if you receive $40 in store credit, you must spend at least $40 total.) Any item that is consignment worthy is also eligible for store credit.  

We work with you to find an agreeable selling price, and you receive 60% of that value when your item sells. The consignment period lasts for eight (8) weeks, as per the individually signed consignment agreement form. You will be contacted regarding any items that remain unsold after eight (8) weeks, and the items will be removed for pick-up. We will call or e-mail you to come pick up your items on three (3) separate occasions. If we do not hear back from you, we will select a donation date and your gear will become property of Wilderness Exchange Unlimited.

Consignment is reserved for in
We reserve the right to not accept used equipment for purchase or consignment at any time. We cannot guarantee that we will accept any or all of your items, but will do the best we can to serve your customer needs! If you have a large amount (20 or more) of items for consignment we ask that you please call in advance to set up an appointment. Please call us in advance if you are making a special trip to the city to consign gear with us. Consignment clothing and sleeping bags must be laundered before we will accept them. We cannot accept dirty items. Any ski equipment must be backcountry oriented and of an A/T or Telemark style. No inbounds/resort oriented downhill ski boots/bindings will be accepted! 

Please note that we DO NOT consign any of the following items:

  • Carabiners and Quickdraws
  • Climbing gear made of nylon or webbing such as ropes and harnesses
  • Socks, underwear or any undergarments (including boxers, swim suits and sports bras) due to health/sanitary considerations

You must bring in your drivers license, or any other form of state issued identification to receive a cash payout. 

We are unable to pay you without state issued identification information. 


Updated 8/21/15

We are currently taking the following items:

  • Three season (+5 to +25 degree) sleeping bags (down or synthetic) in clean condition
  • Three season tents (clean and in good condition!)
  • Midsize and large backpacking packs in good condition
  • Summer/Early Fall season apparel (light-weight jackets and tops)
  • Three season sleeping pads (must be fully functional, i.e. no leaks!)
  • Mens and womens rain jackets and pants 
  • Mens technical hiking pants (NO cotton!) 
  • Mens and womens uninsulated/shell or rain jackets
  • Mens and womens uninsulated/shell or rain pants
  • Mens and womens light-weight vests
  • Mens and womens short sleeve button up shirts
  • Mens and womens technical short sleeve tops
  • Sandals (i.e. Chaco, Teva, etc.)
  • Three season hiking footwear/waterproof hikers
  • Trekking poles
  • Camp chairs 
  • Stoves and cookwear (in clean condition)
  • Men and spring/summer uninsulated hiking boots
  • Rock climbing gear: climbing protection and climbing shoes

Categories and items we are not currently taking:

  • All heavy winter gear (e.g. down jackets, insulated ski jackets and pants, etc.)
  • Womens spring/summer uninsulated hiking boots
  • Womens technical hiking pants (NO cotton!) 
  • Womens footwear 
  • Womens shorts and capris 
  • Small daypacks and messenger bags 
  • Men and women down jackets 
  • Mens and womens heavy softshell jackets
  • Mens and womens fleece jackets (technical fleece preferred, ie. polarstretch)
  • Mens and womens insulated outer and mid layers (down or synthetic) Mens and womens outdoor casual layers (i.e. long sleeve button ups) 
  • Cold weather (0 degree or colder) sleeping bags (down or synthetic) in clean condition
  • Backcountry skis and bindings of any sort (tech binding, AT and telemark) that are in good shape and working condition
  • Small daypacks/fanny packs/hydration packs
  • Winter ski/mountaineering backpacks
  • Winter ice climbing gear (ice screws, tools, etc.)
  • Nordic gear


You can reach the Consignment manager at (303)964-0708 with any questions before coming in. We highly recommend calling if you are uncertain that your item qualifies for consignment, or if you are making a special trip down to Denver. 

Thank you for choosing to consign with The Wilderness Exchange!