La Sportiva’s North American division started here in Colorado’s Front Range, so the brand has a huge local following. The company revamped a few models this year and introduced the Otaki and Skwama to offer high-performance rock shoes that are better-fitting versions of older, popular models.

We are stoked to offer these shoes here at Wilderness Exchange Unlimited in Denver.

A high-performance shoe built for powerful sport climbing and bouldering, the Otaki shines where toe precision is needed. The Permanent Power Platform (P3) design maintains this shoe’s downturned shape for life, and many climbers say they can go up a size for more comfort yet this shoe will still perform. Its S-heel uses a firm rubber on the inside edge of the heel, which resists deformities under torsion.

“The Otaki is built on the same last as the popular Miura VS, but the fit is totally different and more accommodating for wider, higher volume feet,” according to Jason Baker, director of operations here at WildyX. “Most Americans tend to have this shape of foot so these shoes appeal to a wider range of people.”

The Unisex Skwama shoe, a high-end modern slipper with a single velcro closure, is built with a unique split-sole design to make it more flexible. The shoe is aggressively downturned but because of the split under the forefoot, you can smear with it.

“It’s much more versatile for an aggressive shoe,” Baker says.


Both the Otaki, which comes in Men’s and Women’s sizing, and the Skwama climbing shoes are built on the dynamic Miura Velcro last, which helps them fit better. Check out the specs and our pricing today!